Welcome to INSANITY! Prepare to be to “dig deeper” in their fitness classes and fitness to perform the most powerful of all the training that had been in your life. MADNESS continues! Introducing Insanity Asylum: The Madness Continues!
It took half a year, as Sean Ty graduated from training Insanity, and a half years as hundreds of thousands of people have it and asked a million bucks: What’s next? OK, in the end Bichbodi and Sean T took to the podium with the latest extreme workout – Insanity Asylum – 30-day program of progressive sports exercises.

What is Insanity Asylum?
This is not the same as it was before it – new options exercises and complicated task. The program will raise your level of sports, help you prepare for your Start Day so that no matter what sport you are in, you will be physically ready to dominate the opponent as ever. Shaun T has created this program in an effort to improve your coordination, balance, flexibility, kardiovynoslivost and explosive energy. You will burn more calories than you thought, incredibly lose weight and come to the final in this guise, which could not even dream!

Become stronger and faster in just 30 days. Open a master of sports of international class – through plyometrics, training for speed, agility, strength and corset training progress in this stunning series. In just 30 days you will raise yourself to the next level and be like a real athlete, ready for your Start Day

Who can engage Insanity Asylum?
* Men and women in peak physical
* Athletes, extreme
* Alumni Bichbodi – such as P90X, Insanity, Turbo Fire, Chalean Extreme, etc.
Who should not train for Insanity Asylum:
* New to fitness, pregnant women, people who are not willing to work hard and who banned high impact loads

A – Video
01 – Speed ​​& Agility – Speed ​​and Agility – be swift-footed with this intense cardio (45 min.)
02 – Vertical Plyo – Vertical Plio – jump even higher – employment on lower body (40 min.)
03 – Relief – Stretching – stretched to give a long, taut muscles, increasing flexibility (25 min.)
04 – Strength – Power – build all-conquering power – cross-training with weights and resistance (50 min.)
05 – Game Day – Game Day – Raise your level of sports – check yourself cross-training (60 min.)
06 – Back to Core – corset – we build very strong corset, thigh and buttocks – you need explosive power as an elite athlete (45 min.)
07 – Athletic Performance Assessment (Bonus) – Evaluation of Sports Results (Test) – open to improve your fitness level and athletic achievements with this tool for measuring performance (25 min.)
08 – Overtime (Bonus) – Overtime – Add this 15-minute monster to any Asylum-training to see if you are ready to Start the Day.

Tips – Drills – to work on the equipment:
* Work with a rope ladder
* Work with a rope
* Work with rubber bumper
* Podtyagivaniyana the bar

B – Documentation Asulum:
– Workout Calendar – Calendar workouts – make notes in the calendar every day as a pro athlete.
– Guide Playbook – Guide – plan your 30-day transformation steps.
– Nutrition Plan – Meal Plan – follow the guidelines on nutrition Sean Tee
– Asylum-Workbook – a file format. Xls just for reference marks.