THE ASYLUM Volume 2 is the next 30 days of elite athlete training-building on the foundation of INSANITY: THE ASYLUM Volume 1.
Former track-and-field star Shaun T will push you to Dig Deeper than ever with sports-specific training and drills inspired by pro athletes.
Move like a football running back, serve aces like a tennis pro, and score points like an all-star shooting guard.
Get faster, stronger, and more agile-so you can perform any sport or activity with eye-popping speed and skill.
On game day, you’ll have an unbeatable athletic edge thanks to Beachbody trainer Shaun T.

The Workouts

– X Trainer
Challenge your speed, strength, power, and agility with this action-packed sequence. (50 minutes)

– Upper Elite
Develop a superior upper body with Shaun’s dynamic training sets. (60 minutes)

– Ab Shredder
Leave your entire body trembling with this ab-torching challenge. (20 minutes)

– Power Legs
Gain an elite competitive edge by punishing your entire lower body with this maximum muscle-recruitment workout. (55 minutes)

– Back + 6-Pack
Build a lean, strong center with these core-crushing moves. (40 minutes)

– Championship + BONUS Fit Test (Sudden Death OT)
Get ready to pursue THE ASYLUM Volume 2 Championship. And this time, get put to the Fit Test at the END! (60 minutes)

– Off-Day Stretch
Relieve your aching muscles, improve your flexibility, and refocus your mind, so you’re ready to crush it in your next competition. (30 minutes)

– Agility Tutorial
Get a step-by-step breakdown of Shaun’s 8 mind-twisting agility moves, so you’ll be a pro when it comes time to hop in the ladder. (25 minutes).