What You’re Getting Inside:

** The Complete Local Business Follow Up System – Nothing is more frustrating than sending lots of leads to your client’s business just to learn that the staff was unable to actually “seal the deal”. This system will teach you how to train your client’s staff so that they can not only close leads, but also turn them into loyal customers that love your service. (We even show you how to do this with your remote clients.)

** The “First Contact” Script – Every business has their own staff hierarchy (we call it office politics.) Believe it or not, about 80% of the success you will have with your clients depends on how you approach the staff in the early stages of the client relationship. With these scripts and the training process, you can get off on the right foot, ensuring that you and your client’s staff become a team that closes leads like a well oiled machine.

** The Client On-boarding Website – Once the staff feels like they are a part of your team, you will need a tool to train them in the lead follow-up processes. We’ll show you the exact website we use to get clients ready to succeed once we start sending leads their way.

** The Lead Notification System – See our exact process for managing customer relationships. From organizing the incoming leads to notifying the staff, and tracking them through the duration of their experience, this game-changing system will teach you how to make sure “no lead is left behind”.

** The B.F.F. Method – Learn how your client’s staff can gain the trust of leads instantly. This brilliant funnel addition generates conversions at 40% and establishes customer loyalty from their first experience with your client.

** The “Chutes and Value Ladder” Technique – You’ve done everything right. The funnel brought in leads, and the staff closed the initial appointments. Now, you have to make sure that the customers keep coming back. Learn exactly how we train our clients and their staff to position their products for a natural customer up sell.

** Organic Lead Boosting Technique – See how you can give your local lead generation campaigns a boost by “hacking” local Facebook groups. This is a brilliant and simple method your client’s can use to help raise your overall lead conversions.

** Chiropractic Follow Up System Case Study – We only want to teach you systems that work. In this program you will get an inside look at How One Chiropractor Earned $49k in 14 Days Using the Local Business Followup System. (The best part is that the entire process is easy to replicate in your own funnels.)