What You’re Getting Inside:

The Full Walkthrough of what a “Local Mind Hack” is and how you can use it to get an unfair advantage when selling Local Services.The Psychology Behind “Local Mind Hacking”: These are the powerful innate psychological processes that make what we’re doing possible.Hack #1: The Coffee Card MethodHack #2: The Emergency Contacts TechniqueHack #3: The Cookie CandleHack #4: The Annotated Printout (AKA Ben’s Workhorse)Hack #5: The Newspaper Laminate[Platinum Package Only] The Local Mind Hack Live Immersion with Dr Ben Adkins (I’ll walk you through everything and answer all of your questions Live).[Platinum Package Only] Hack #6: The Local Award Technique (a very special Local Mind Hack that takes everything in your Local Business to the Next Level).[Platinum Package Only] A Month in The Life of a Local Mind Hacker (I’ll show you exactly what I do everyday and how I integrate Local Mind Hacking into selling my Local Services.)[Platinum Package Only] How to Mind Hack Yourself into Getting Clients (I’ll show you how I trick myself into being productive every week and into actually implementing the mind hacks so that they bring me business).