Session 1: The Bestseller Framework

Summary: Three things that every author needs to have in place for a long-term bestselling book. This 20-min keynote will give you the context you’ll need for the following presentations as well as an overview of the Summit.

Trainer: Geoff Affleck, Summit Host, bestselling author and self-publishing coach

Session 2: How to Prioritize Your Book Marketing

Summary: It’s easy to spin your wheels on book marketing and platform building and not get any results. What should you focus on? It depends on your goals and on your “marketing inventory”. Learn a 3-step framework that will give you a crystal clear plan for you next marketing moves.

Trainer: Christopher Van Buren, Digital marketing expert and bestselling author.

Session 3: Four Things to Make Book Marketing Fun

Summary: Given that authors need to spend more time marketing their books than they do producing them, Kathryn shows you four ways to make book marketing fun (and effective) based on your super powers!

Trainer: Kathryn Kemp Guylay, 10-time award-winning author & host of the Positive on Publishing podcast.

Session 4: Mastering Amazon Categories

Summary: What if you did everything right in your book launch but didn’t reach the coveted #1 Amazon ranking because your book was in the wrong category? It happens… a lot. Dave teaches you how to avoid and correct this costly mistake. This simple method for finding the best sub-categories for your book works every time.

P.S. Be sure to sign up for Dave’s free Amazon Ads course worth $597.

Trainer: Dave Chesson, Founder of Kindlepreneur.

Session 5: How to Sell Books by the Truckload

Summary: You can have the best book in your genre but that won’t translate into sales if it doesn’t show up near the top of an Amazon search. Penny teaches you how to optimize your Amazon keywords and categories to make your book more visible on Amazon so that more readers will find it and buy it.

Trainer: Penny Sansevieri, NYU Adjunct Professor of Self Publishing and bestselling author of How to Sell Your Books by the Truckload.

Session 6: The Fan Base Formula

Summary: In this conversation, Adam shares his secrets for building a fan base-secrets that have allowed him to distribute over 2.5 million copies of his books. Topics include free book strategies, top lead magnet ideas, conversion factors, and how to generate traffic to your free offers.

Trainer: Adam Houge, Bestselling author of over 100 books.

Session 7: How You Too Can Sell 80,000 Books

Summary: In this class Alinka shares her “4P’s” book marketing framework that she has used to sell more than 80,000 of her own books. You’ll also learn how to expand your sales through foreign rights, book fairs, website sales, retailers, and libraries.

Trainer: Alinka Rutkowka has sold more than 80,000 books and coaches struggling writers to become profitable authorpreneurs.

Session 8: Book Sales on Autopilot

Summary: In this training Derek shows you how to set up profitable Amazon Ads campaigns using a process that took him from struggling author to selling over 50,000 books. Imagine selling your books on autopilot so that you can focus on writing and doing what you love.

Trainer: Derek Doepker is a former aspiring rockstar turned seven-time #1 bestselling author in fitness and personal development.

Session 9: Get Your Next 10 Book Reviews

Summary: Every author knows one of the keys to exponential book sales is to have lots of 5-star book reviews… but how do you get them, especially when your book is new and your author platform is small? Debbie shows you 3 ways to get more reader reviews using strategies that are completely Amazon-compliant.

Trainer: Debbie Drum is a multiple bestselling author and software developer.

Session 10: Free Book Giveaways to Build Your Fan Base

Summary: Did you know you can give your eBooks away for free on Amazon? Free eBooks are a powerful tool for building your email list and selling your other books. John shows you exactly how to do three simple book giveaway strategies so you can sell more books and build your email list.

Trainer: John Tighe is the The #1 bestselling author of Crush it With Kindle.

Session 11: Your First 100 Fans

Summary: There’s a difference between someone who buys a copy of your book and a true “fan”. According to Kelsye, you only need about 1,000 fans to make a good living as an author. Always relentlessly helpful, in this practical training she shows you a simple, repeatable system for finding and nurturing your first 100 fans.

Trainer: Kelsye Nelson is a bestselling author, popular speaker and educator.

Session 12: Grow Your Email List with Online Summits

Summary: Building an engaged and responsive email list is the cornerstone of every author’s platform. But how do you grow it quickly? Jesse should know-he leveraged three online summits to build a 5-figure email list and a publishing company. In this training, Jesse pulls back the curtain on how to put on an online summit in any genre.

Trainer: Jesse Krieger is a bestselling author and founder of Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press.