Even if you have taken a zillion other courses (& never finished any)
Even if you know you have seen & done it all (with no results)
Even if you have 2 hours a day to work on your launch (& no budget to hire a coach, mentor, designer, *insert another so called must-have* )
Even if you think the internet is a dirty messy place that only favors the BIG GUNS (& you are decidedly NOT a big gun or ANY gun)

Consumer Psychology + 80:20 Launch Rule + Behavioral Leverage = Sold Out Launch

This is How Sold Out Launch Works….

  • Consumer Psychology Knowing exactly what makes people buy and not tip-toe around your buyers for months building an email list, giving value & not making money. The idea is to ditch the advice of creating a list of subscribers and instead create a list of buyers from the get-go. More than 20% of my own email list are buyers and this is exactly what I preach in SOL..because guess what? We want people to see you as a book shopped not a library where they can get free information and never open their wallet EVER.
  • 80:20 Launch Rule Using the shortest most effective path to launching so that you don’t spend hours (weeks, months…even years) planning, wondering & losing your mind. Instead you can just use this plug and play system with the tech, graphics, email, social media posts, sales page templates heck even your ads..and just transplant it in your launch. No thinking, wondering, second-guessing yourself, no needing to invest 10 grand for a coach, custom website or mastermind. Just trusting the system, taking actions that GET results and making lots ofmoney…all in one full swoop
  • Behavioral Leverage My unique and kinda lunatic Systematic Stalking Initiative coupled with SOL Hall of Fame tactic that allowed 41% of SOL graduates to get their programs up and running in less than 4 months. I don’t know of any online program (heck even COACHING program) that promises such results. As one SOLer described it “It was like you were running after me urging me to get to the finish line, sometimes lovingly, sometimes fiercely..but always there” THAT is behavioral leverage and THAT is what gets people to launch and sell out in 35 days

This is NOT a Drill. Sold Out Launch Works…and it Gets Sales

every single thing you need to hack your buyer’s brain, create no-proof offers that sell themselves & get you sold out in 90 days

I am Bushra and I am not a hot shot (but I play that on the internet)
I have worked on 25+ online launches and about a dozen offline launches of big name brands and after the first dozen, I developed a loose system of LAUNCHING that matches the launch with the psychology of the buyer. It has served me and my clients REALLY well.
I have made $2M+ dollars in less than 3 years working mostly part time and no, I have not made this money doing launches telling people how to do launches. Here are some other results:
1. Worked with 7,000+ people
2. Sold 10,000+ courses
3. Wrote a book and sold 22,000 copies in 6 months without anyone else promoting me and becamse an international #1 Bestelling author in multiple categories
4. Launched my first course and sold 320 packages in 2 weeks
5. Launched my membership site and sold 400 memberships in 28 days
6. Have the distinct pleasure of selling out my courses in a couple days after launch…I don’t even know why I set a cart-close day…it’s defunct!
7. Helped my client J sell out her program in THREE days and make $22,765 on her very first launch and with an email list of 1,200 people.
8. Helped my client L sell $750K worth of programs in a month
9. Have an online course with a completion rate of 92% (vs industry average of 5%) and a success rate of 46% (vs undisclosed but probably minuscule industry percentages)
I have no time:
I am a mom of 2, wife of one and I live an expat life. Which means no support system and limited opportunities to keep the kids busy. I also cook every day. Till about a year ago I was balancing my online work with my offline consulting gig…so literally NO TIME DUDE! The techniques I teach are all about using the 80:20 rule…things don’t get any easier than the way I teach.
I have no energy:
I am incredibly lazy and prone to random Netflix binges so I am the perfect person to teach other lazyasses looking for an uncomplicated process to create, launch and SELL OUT!
I have no team:
It is possible to do this all on your own..I am a testament to that. I am a one person army and over the last 2.5 years, I have maybe outsourced 10% of my work. I have developed systems, formulas and checklists to allow me to work fast and work smart. You get access to all these when you invest in Sold Out Launch. (I now have a great team member but she came onboard after 2+ years of flying solo)
I have no contacts:
When I started I didn’t know a single soul on the internet…I started like everyone with no list (my first subscriber was “foxy5ways”…does that give you an idea of where I was) and slowly built my way to where I am…no contacts, no networking…just plain old hard work. So if you think only people with contacts or access to private networking events or “inner circle” access can make it, think again!