Discovering the Secret of Google AdWords Success

Are you feeling overwhelmed by everything AdWords has to offer? My program will show you how to take control of AdWords and get the results you (or your clients) deserve. I’ve structured my course to be a complete blueprint anyone can follow.

What is Adwords IQ Academy?

I’ve Put All Of My Knowledge Into An Ever Growing Video Library
This is a multi-module online course with heavy focus on technical learning (the platforms and the services themselves). I will give you step-by-step guidance on how to set up a campaign, select ad groups and keywords, then optimize your ads through keyword management and negative keywords. And that’s just the beginning…
You will learn the difference between PPC and SEO, how to write good ad content, best practices and how to avoid common mistakes. I’ll also show you CPA techniques, advanced tracking techniques and how to properly audit an existing AdWords account that you’ve taken over.
By the end of the course, you will know the components of a successful AdWords campaign – as well as a basic mastery of how online advertising works.
Becuase there is so much content here in AdWords IQ Academy, I have decided to set you up for total success and release one module a week for eight weeks! This is the best way for you to learn this content and implement it successfully into your business model!

Here’s What You’ll Get:

Access to a video library with over 40 video lessons.
3 months FREE access to a private student’s only Facebook group.
3 months FREE access to my Live Account Audits.
Lifetime access to future updates & new videos.
Priority access and pricing on all future courses & events.


Take A Sneak Peek At The Content Inside The Academy!
Module 1
The Basics – Foundation Ads Overview
What It Is
How It Works
Who It Works For
Who It Doesn’t Work For
How And Where Do Ads Appear
How The Auction System Works
How Keywords Work
Account Structure
Writing Ad Copy
Ad Extensions
Module 2
Setting Up A Search Campaign
How To Set Up An Account
Using Google Keyword Planner
Exploring the AdWords Interface
How To Create Your First Campaign
The Process of Creating Ads
Module 3
Setting Up Your First Campaign
Fundamental Thinking And Outlining Before You Begin
Choosing Your Campaign Type
Ad Design Basics
Traps To Avoid
Module 4
Setting Up Shopping Ads
How to Set Up Your First Shopping Campaign
Create Product Groups
Setting Your Bids
Adding Negative Keywords
Module 5
Setting up Gmail Ads
Getting Started With Gmail
Why Gmail is So Powerful
Growing Your Audience
Module 6
Landing Pages
Setting Up Your Lead Generation Landing Pages
Find A Solution
Template’s That Convert
Module 7
Tracking & remarketing
Conversion Tracking
Phone Call Tracking
Module 8
Monitoring, Optimization, And Reporting
Search Term Reports
Auction Insights
Location Reports
How To Calculate ROI
Setting Up Experiments
Monitoring Quality Score
Keyword Optimization
Bid Optimization
Analyzing Opportunity