Most companies are doing content marketing wrong.
I was too.
Like everyone else, usually I would pump out a new piece of content every week and I was lucky if I got a couple hundred readers. Every week I would work my ass off, most of the time getting no where.
I had just written a new article for my agency blog (about Hubspot) to try and attract business owners who liked Hubspot.
Except this time I tried a new technique that a mentor told me about…
Just look at who started sharing and recommending my article…

I thought maybe I had just gotten “lucky” with this one piece of content.
So I was determined to make my next piece of content for Noah at Sumo even better.
I researched and wrote the article, then Noah edited for accuracy.
I then applied the exact same technique from before to Noah’s article as I did with the HubSpot one.
The headline for this one was “8 Marketing Ideas from Inside a $50 Million Startup.

Here’s how the promotion stats breakdown:
•#1 Top Performing B2B Article In 7 Years
•2,700 Shares In The First 15 Days
•Outperformed Noah’s Viral Giveaways
After 30 days I’d generated 28,292 website visitors to this ONE article on Noah’s blog!

Why Do Ad Networks Make It So Hard?

Does it even make sense why ad networks make it so hard to pay them for clicks. Shouldn’t they make it easier, not harder???
You almost need a college degree to figure out Google Ads.
Then there’s all the rules…
Ad networks decide what headlines you can use. They decide they don’t like your squeeze page.
It feels like ad networks have more rules than a library.
Even worse, they add new rules almost every week! It’s almost like everything that works good – they decide to ban it.
Which means you almost have to re-learn how to do marketing their way. You’re forever at their mercy.
Then, if you get a great paid campaign going it might get shut down overnight. Sometimes you get shut down even if their own ad reviewers disapprove something by mistake.
Worst of all – YOU – have to prove why it was THEIR mistake.
That’s if you’re lucky enough to talk to anyone. God knows they make it hard to contact customer support.
I found another way, and thank god I did.
Because of My New Traffic Skills, I Now Get To Do Awesome Stuff Like Hang Out In Jamaica

If I can do this, so can you…

Before I tell you what I do, let me share how I stumbled onto my method. First of all, just a couple years ago I was selling snow cones in Australia.
That’s right… Snow Cones!
I was not a digital marketing expert. I was a break-dancing Aussie who sold carnival treats.
My claim to fame back home was selling over $1 million dollars worth of snow cones and donating over $100,000 of it back to kids athletic clubs.
And then I met Justin Brooke, he’s a bonafide digital marketing expert. He has 13 years of experience, has spent tens of millions on ads, and thousands of customers.
He was teaching me how to start an online ad agency.
I told you I used to be a paid traffic guy!
Then Justin showed me a strategic way of doing content marketing. He was the mentor who gave me the technique that went viral.
A method that wasn’t SEO and didn’t need paid clicks either.
He was showing me this, because it’s how he got his clients. He was teaching me how to get clients too.
And then the clicks came flooding in.
​And I wasn’t paying a single cent for them.
From my first try, this method was… explosive.