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Here’s Your Chance To Shamelessly Swipe From The Greatest Moments In Advertising And Take Your Marketing To The Next Level. So If You Want More People Saying YES To Your Emails, Postcards, Sales Letters, Banner Ads, Video Scripts, Facebook Ads, Etc. Then Keep Reading…

Presenting GKIC’s Brand New Dan Kennedy Course:
“43 Secrets”
How To Use The Greatest Moments In Advertising To Drive
Your Marketing To The Next Level

43 Secrets – How To Use The Greatest Moments In Advertising To Drive Your Marketing To The Next Level will teach you how to make your marketing more interesting so you can capture the attention of your target audience.
You’ll get to use these secrets
to craft emails, sales letters, landing pages, postcards, Facebook ads…practically any marketing message in any media to get more people to say “Yes” to working with you—or buying your product.
GKIC Founder Dan Kennedy will take you on a tour of 43 of the most ground breaking moments in advertising history that you can easily use to create your own advertising that cuts through the clutter and makes you stand out from the rest of the pack.
For example, you’ll discover the #1 advertising secret that Keurig used to practically replace run-of-the-mill coffee machines—to the point that almost every home, office or hotel room has a Keurig coffee maker.

We’ve already done most of the “Hard work” for you – just copy for you own promotions and profits
Listen: you’re bound to find something that you can borrow or swipe for your own marketing amongst the 43 examples you’ll find in this course—which sure beats “guessing” or racking your brain trying to come up with advertising ideas yourself.
Best part: all of the advertising secrets you’ll discover in 43 Secrets are easily transferrable from industry to industry – even for “ordinary” businesses such as carpet cleaning, windshield repair outlets, clothing stores, doctors, lawyers, plumbers… you name it.
Why? Because human nature is the same from industry to industry—from niche to niche. Everybody reacts to the same psychological triggers that motivate them to whip out their wallets and buy.
Here, thanks to 43 Secrets, you can shortcut years of trial, error, and testing trying to figure out what copywriting angles and appeals work. Plus the amount of money you would spend would be obscene if you don’t have some kind of a “head start” when sitting down to create your marketing materials.
Imagine NEVER having to rack your brain trying to come up with copy angles, promotion ideas,
“hooks” ect.
And think about what it would feel like to write winner after winner when you sit down and write an ad. Obviously, we cannot predict how each ad will perform when you use 43 Secrets to take your marketing to the next level—but we definitely know that you’ll definitely hit more “home runs” than you would without this valuable resource.
You’ll be able to create promotion with ease vs. constantly struggling with what to say or write—which is what 95% of writers have to endure when they sit down at the computer to write a promotion.
Why? Because once you come up with the “hook” for your next ad—writing it is pretty darn simple. You’re able to sit down, write your first draft in one fell swoop, and perhaps go back to edit and tweak if necessary.
This sure beats hemming and hawing over every word, beating yourself up as you keep staring at the blinking cursor wondering what to write next.
Plus the different “schools of advertising” you’ll discover in 43 Secrets have been used time and time again by advertisers through many decades. For example, the copy angle that Listerine used to capture prospects attention worked in 1922—and can easily be borrowed and copied today!
In other words, you’re going to get a timeless tome of advertising secrets that’ll last throughout your wealth-building career. These 43 secrets will be as good today as they will 10-20 years from now, because (guess what) human nature doesn’t change.
That means you’re getting a set of “tried and true” ideas you can swipe, borrow and deploy for your next promotion. That boosts your chances of writing a winning ad…vs. trying to muddle through it all without some kind of a fail-safe starting point.
If you let it, 43 Secrets will become a part of your arsenal of “weapons of mass persuasion” you can fire off at will to create killer promotion after killer promotion that confounds your competitors.
The Best Part Is…
You Only Need To Make A Couple More Sales, Otherwise You Wouldn’t Have Gotten To Make 43 Secrets Worth The Investment.
Listen, these are the same advertising secrets GKIC founder Dan Kennedy uses to get paid over $2 million dollars per year, year after year, for advice on copywriting and marketing part-time.
He has had 40+ years worth of successes under his belt—including turning a $100,000 “kitchen table” business into a $40 million training company with two training centers, hundreds of trainers in the field, 12 revenue streams, and a 35% bottom line.
Considering that he gets paid $3,000/hour for consulting, $19,000/day for a whole consulting day, and people pay him $100,000 for a sales letter, the advertising tactics he revealed in “43 Secrets” is worth at least $2,000.
Because, if you think about it and run the numbers, $2,000 is a drop in the bucket considering that you could hit a home run and create an ad that brings in 5-6 figures for your business. Now that’s a nice return on your investment!
But you won’t have to pay $2,000. You won’t have to pay $1,000…which is still less than what people paid to attend the GKIC SuperConference last year.
When you take action today, you can grab your copy of GKIC’s Brand New Dan Kennedy Course, 43 Secrets – How To Use The Greatest Moments In Advertising To Drive Your Marketing To The Next Level for
ONLY $797.
This is an investment you can easily recoup by getting just a handful more sales that you would have otherwise missed out on if you made the foolish mistake to pass this up.
If you’re a chiropractor, you only need one extra patient. If you’re a roofer, you only need one extra customer. And, even if you own a coffee shop, you only need to sell 10-15 extra lattes to make this investment worthwhile.
Not only that, but 43 Secrets will save you a lot of time and headache when you sit down and write your next ad. I mean, how much is your time worth, anyway? $100/hr? $200/hr?
Add it all up, and you could get your investment back in time savings when you sit down to write your next ad.