This Program Is Not For Everyone. It Is For Serious Players Only.
If You’re A Wannabe, Lookie-Lou or A Whiner, This is NOT For You.

The High-Ticket Closer Certification Program is ONLY for You if:
– You want to be mentored by me, Dan Lok, in an intensive 7-week program. In this program, every week I get on a LIVE online training class where you get to learn one of my most valuable skills in life
– You are ambitious and you are willing to work VERY HARD for a short period of time. In return, you get a LIFETIME of financial success
– You want more money to travel the world, give back to your family or help others
– You want to set your own hours, make good money, and become financially secure by having your high-income skill
– You want to experience one of the most intense personal growth periods of your life

Heres what you get during the 7-week program:
Week 1:How To Dominate In Life and In Business With A High-Ticket Mindset
Whereas all other sales programs teach you to be aggressive, salesy and slimey techniques. I show you the opposite right in the first week. This is the week where youll see how you NEVER need to be pushy at all especially when it comes to high-ticket sales. In fact, the less pushy you are, the more successful youll be.

Week 2:The Advanced Human Psychology of High-Ticket Sales and Ultra-Luxury Selling
This is the ONLY program you will find where you get these high high-level strategies at this price point. Typically, Fortune 500 companies pay TENS of THOUSANDS of dollars for one afternoon of this type of training. Youre getting it at a small investment and you get to practice USE it in real life by the end of the program.

Week 3:The One-Call Closer Methodology Thatll Get You Paid On Command
Youve met people who spend months, sometimes years, trying to become great public speakers. -yes? Im sure youve also met people who speak really naturally on their first speaking engagement. Its the same thing in sales. Youll find most sales people take months to close a deal. What you get in this week is the secret to close in ONE single call.

Week 4:The High Ticket Sales Scripts The 7 Secrets I, Dan Lok, Have Used To Close Tens Of Millions Of Dollars Over The Phone
You will NEVER find these scripts on Google or any sales training. These are the holy scripts which Ive developed over the years which has helped me close millions in sales over the phone. With these scripts, you will never be phased by any client, prospect or sales conversation again no matter how intimidating the person youre talking to is. close someone.

Week 5:How To Handle Objections and Resistance Like A KungFu Master Easily Handles A 300-Pound Boxer
Imagine never getting rejected again. Well you dont need to imagine because youll know how to turn around any conversation at any time with this weeks strategies. What youll see is the more resistance your prospect gives you, the more power you have over him. And the more easy you can close someone.

Week 6: How To Find Highly Lucrative High-Ticket Partners With LIVE Role Play With Me, Dan Lok, And Others On My Team
In this week, you get your hands dirty. The gloves comes off and youll be practicing your moves LIVE in front of your class before dealing with REAL life clients.
The best performers in this week will get to work with my clients. In this weeks lesson, I will also show you how to get your own clients.

Week 7: How To Guarantee Yourself A
6-Figure Income (And Keep Growing) As A High-Ticket Closer
This is one of the MOST important classes in the program. In this class, youll discover the quickest and easiest way to make 6-figures as a High-Ticket Closer. This includes how to structure win-win deals with your clients. The 4 requirements every one of your clients must meet for you to make money for the long-term. And much, much more.