A Little More About Retail Arbitrage Academy

The course itself is span over 6 models with over 30 lessons (36 to be exact).

They�ll teach you exactly what you need to know when practicing this business model and how to scale to whatever income you�d like.

Taking you from the basics like setting up your Amazon account to hiring some of your first employees.

A little summary of what you can expect to learn from Retail Arbitrage Academy:

Learning what the business is all about and what�s possible
Setting up your accounts with Amazon
Finding how and where to source profitable inventory
Shipping and managing your inventory (Amazon FBA)
Analyzing your sales and learn how to keep scaling up to increase your income
Outsourcing aspects of your business and inputting systems to grow it even larger.

You�ll even get some added bonuses like:

Andy and Eddie�s personal list of over 100 sites they use to source products
Free software to grow your business
Access to their custom product selection strategy they use to gauge product profitability

The teachings of this course intend to make this business as hands off as possible, giving you more time to really enjoy the freedom of owning your own business.

With focusing on the use of Amazon�s fulfillment program Fulfillment By Amazon(FBA) , where Amazon will handle:

Fulfillment of orders
Storage of your products
Packaging and shipping your orders

This leaves Amazon in charge of handling all the tedious aspects of your business giving you more time to scale your business.