This is the complete how-to guide for getting started on Etsy. In this course you’ll learn:

– How to set-up your products on Etsy
– What key mistakes to avoid if you want to be successful
– How to link your store to a fulfillment house like Shirtly, TeeSpring, or Printful
– The tools you can use to find keywords that match your products
– How to rank on Etsy’s search algorithm
– How to complete market research on your competitors
– What expectations are realistic in terms of goal-setting and scaling your Etsy store
– and more!

We (Jay & Dee) are partners on a successful Etsy store.
Jay has expertise on Etsy with a combined 40,000+ sales. In addition, he’s got a growing number of sales on Amazon Merch.
Dee is the course video editor and the voice that will walk you through the Etsy Crash Course content. Owner of ShopBoss Secrets, Dee has a combined 55,000+ sales on Shopify, is a Shopify Expert, and has just under 2000 sales on Etsy.

Together we created this course to help you start selling on Etsy the right way!