An Entrepreneur�s Guide to Creating a 5 Day Weekend� Lifestyle.

The Financial Fast Start online course will help you keep more of what you make without having to cut back. It will simplify and demystify seemingly complex financial concepts and give you answers and support to your most pressing financial questions. As an entrepreneur you will walk away from this course with specific instructions on how to save on tax, interest, insurance and increase cash for your business.
Who is it For?

As a business owner do any of these statements apply to you?

I need access to more capital
I want to create a family legacy?
I want my wealth protected from the ups and downs of the market
I want better protections against financial pirates and predators
I want solid financial privacy and security
I need a financial super-team that is proactive about my finances and is looking out for me
I want a formulaic strategy to pay down debt?

If you can relate to a few or more of these statements, the Financial Fast Start course might be exactly what you need to take your wealth building efforts to the next level. For a limited time, Nik and Garrett will be offering this $999 course to entrepreneurs for FREE, so sign up now.
Most Successful Entrepreneurs are Financially Vulnerable, but you Don�t Have to be.

Almost every entrepreneur I met needs a course in financial management. You see, most entrepreneurs walk a very risky line since they don�t have appropriate liquidity.

Too much of their money is leaking. I designed this course to give you and entrepreneurs like you an immediate injection of cash without working harder, robbing from the business, or taking any additional risk.

In this course I will share with you practical and simple steps of how to build liquidity, manage and mitigate risk, and protect yourself from the inevitable financial surprises so that you can avoid major pain or worse.

I will show you how to acquire lines of credit, how to lower your interest rates so you can put more money into your business, or how to set up an infrastructure to build liquidity. You will learn step-by-step how to do those things as well as buck your reliance on the banks all together.

You will learn how to earn interest rather than pay it. When you complete this course you will be financial confident and have the clarity to more fully engage in your business.
What the Financial Fast Track Course Can Do For You

The Financial Fast Track Course is about financial management mastery in your business and in your life.

It�s about increasing your access to cash
It�s about earning interest instead of paying it.
It is about boosting your savings accounts and interest rates without taking on an extra ounce of risk.
It�s about stopping the leaks in your finances and increasing cash flow.
It�s about strategically engineering your wealth.
It�s about creating exponential growth.
It�s about lowering taxes

Since I started working with entrepreneurs over twenty years ago, my clients average $2,484 dollars of improved cash flow per month. 93 percent of my clients save tax dollars adding up to an additional $11,300 dollars per year. All of this with a refund rate of under 2 percent
What You Will You Learn in This?

part online course, financial expert Garret Gunderson will give you very specific advice to start better managing your finances in both business and in life

You will learn:

What areas of personal finance and money you now have to know about that wasn�t an issue before you owned a business.
How to improve credit and gain access to money.
How to use good credit to save on insurance and interest
What type of corporation to set up and why.
How to properly take income from the business (tax efficiently).
The types of business insurance policy to buy that will minimize risk and exposure.
The best insurance structure to reduce risk and minimize premiums.
Different ways to protect your assets and wealth.
How to handle taxes as a business owner.
What people you need to build the proper tax team.
How frequently to meet with tax professionals and what questions to ask them.
What retirements accounts to avoid and how to improve existing retirement funds.
How to be a better investor.
How to avoid the restriction of budgeting, yet build wealth.
Determine what loans to pay off and when.
How to detect hidden and destructive fees and commissions.
Where to most quickly increase revenue in you business.
How to manage the expenses personally and in business.
What a comprehensive personal finance plan looks like.
Eliminate risky investments and investing practices.
Determine the clearest way to profitability.
Get to the root of any money problem.
Learn the rules of being an investor.
What the greatest constraint and catalysts to business are.
How to hire.
How to determine if an idea is right and if the timing is appropriate.
How and when to celebrate entrepreneurial wins and prevent burnout.
How to generate more cash flow with existing situation and assets.
How to capture wealth through a methodology and wealth capture account.
Best way to finance purchases like buying a home or a car.
How to earn interest and be the bank rather than pay interest.
How to boost the earnings on your savings account
Determine if it makes sense to pay cash, finance or use your personal bank.
Determine the fastest way to pay off loans.
How to restructure loans to be advantageous to cash flow.
How to eliminate wasteful insurance expenses.
Ways to increase cash flow in the future through coordinated financial strategies and Cash Flow Banking.
Multiple ways to save on tax.
How to protect the downside of investments
What investment alternatives you have besides the stock market
What a financial plan consists of and how to identify holes in the plan.
What questions to ask in order to insure you have the right financial team.
How to build the right amount of savings without taking money from the business.
The proper amount to save so you can build a nest egg.