MasterClass is a Revolutionary Trading Program consisting of 44
comprehensive video lessons, teaching you everything you need to know about
the Forex market
01 Introduction
02 Ireks Journey
03 Trading Layout
04 Indicators
05 Support & Resistance
06 Candlestick Formations Part 1
07 Deceleration / Consolidation Part 1
08 Market Conditions
09 Fibonacci Retracement + Extension
10 Elliot Wave Theory
11 Price Action Patterns Part 1
12 Price Action Patterns Part 2
13 Price Action Patterns Part 3
14 Price Action Patterns Part 4
15 Multi-timeframe Analysis
16 Deceleration / Consolidation Part 2
17 Candlestick Formations Part 2
18 Swing Trading vs. Day Trading
19 Risk Management
20 Sizing a Trade
21 Strategy #1 IBO Part 1
22 Strategy #1 IBO Part 2
23 Strategy #1 IBO Part 3
24 Strategy #2 CBO Part 1
25 Strategy #2 CBO Part 2
26 Strategy #3 ABO Part 1
27 Strategy #3 ABO Part 2
28 Strategy #4 ACB Part 1
29 Strategy #4 ACB Part 2
30 Strategy #5 PLB Part 1
31 Strategy #5 PLB Part 2
32 The Holy Grail
33 Management Part 1 (Short-Term)
34 Management Part 2 (Short-Term Aggressive)
35 Management Part 3 (Long-Term)
36 Trading the Run using all 5 Strategies
37 Trading Different Market Phases
Ireks trading journey began back in July of 2012. Since then he has
dedicated his life to mastering his craft, while always keeping his finger
on the pulse. At this point, Irek trades the forex, equities, &
cryptocurrency markets and is getting into venture capitalism.
Since 2015, he hosted over 400 live trading webinars (totalling upwards of
1200hrs of live air time!). He taught hundreds of traders through his prior
program, Live Trader, which was associated with Infinite Prosperity. Through
his years of trading live in front of hundreds of traders, he gained a ton
of experience while learning exactly what people require to succeed in
In 2018, he went solo, distributing his trading knowledge to the general
public with his very own Trading MasterClass. His purpose at this point in
life is to help as many people reach financial success through trading &
investing as possible, while also helping them to live an inspired,
fulfilling life.
Jonny started trading in 2015 when he started research for a way to grow his
He co-founded a Wealth Management business in 2011 and now has over L150m of
assets under management. Experiences from his business gave Jonny a great
understanding of how financial markets work and therefore, he quickly picked
up the skills required to succeed in trading. Through massive commitment, he
mastered the art of trading and spends his free time travelling the world,
living the good life.
Jonny was one of Ireks first and top students within Live Trader and shares
a very similar trading style to Irek. Now, he is excited to share his
knowledge with the MasterClass community with the intention of guiding them
through the lessons that he has learned along the way.