All-Star Acceleration Pack

For a limited time, you can access these five totally unique training modules taught by marketing industry legends. Each of these modules is designed to quickly accelerate your marketing career, helping you build marketing campaigns that quickly drive affiliate profits.

What are Acceleration Modules

Acceleration Modules were originally created as bonus content for students of iStack Training’s 6 Week AMC. Each module is taught by a recognized industry all-star and each contains 3-5 lessons totalling between 1-2 hours of training. The modules are designed to quickly show you how to apply its teachings directly to campaigns you’re running, or plan to run. Covering exciting pursuits like E-commerce, Copywriting, Affiliate Automation, Facebook Advertising and Native Advertising, these crash courses are hands on, step by step tutorials teaching you how to conquer each area of focus, generating affiliate profit along the way.


iStack Training’s direct partnership with STM Forum and Affiliate World Conference has given us unparalleled access to the world’s best and brightest marketing minds. Your All-Star Acceleration Module teachers are passionate about sharing knowledge and are elite experts in their fields of study. Each of these modules is an iStack Training exclusive and cannot be found anywhere else.

The Platform

Purchasing the All-Star Acceleration Pack gives you on-going access to our training platform where you can access your videos at any time.