Do you Know If You have “Trapped” Sales?

Discover The Secret To Unlocking Sales Hidden In Places Your Tracking Cannot See, Because It Wasn’t Setup To See In These 4 Specific Places…

How To Find Out If You Have Trapped Sales In Your Sales Funnel…

Imagine you’re sitting on 100’s, maybe 1,000’s of sales and you just can’t SEE how to unlock them… yet?
If you could see the hidden sales, obviously, you would do something about it right?
Of course you would, which is why this could be the most important piece you read all year.
If you’re a direct response marketer selling either ecommerce, digital, physical, or service-based products, then I can almost guarantee this crisis is affecting you.

4 “Trapped Sales” Problems & Their Solutions

1. Increase Conversions With Better Tracking
[Case Study] When BT Financial Group wanted to increase online leads, they turned to a tracking expert. By using the insights gained from a proper tracking setup, they increased online conversions of their application by 60%.
2. Reduce Cart Abandonment With Better Tracking
[Case Study] Brian Gavin Diamonds is a Texas-based jeweler that specializes in custom engagement rings. Its ecommerce site is responsible for 95% of its sales. In just the first month of having better tracking, the company was able to identify that it had over $500K in abandoned sales. Based on insights from their new tracking setup Brian Gavin Diamonds was able to realize a 60% increase in customers.
3. Optimize Your Sales Processes With Better Tracking
[Case Study] Air Show Buzz (ASB) is a hub for air show and aviation enthusiasts. They needed to measure video views, online sales, the usage of a downloaded application, and the impact of social media. After making the decision to setup better tracking, ASB was able to finally see impact of popular content on sales and employed strategies that pushed visitors to the right content which led directly to revenue increases.
4. Increase Advertising ROI With Betting Tracking
[Case Study] Optimizely offers innovative, data-driven marketing solutions for its clients. The company was looking for an equally data-driven solution to provide rich user insights and to bring users back. Optimizely’s new tracking setup paid off with solid results. The company saw 59% lower costs-per-click (CPC) and not only did the numbers prove the campaign worked, but customer testimonials began to pour in about how much Optimizely’s users loved the ingenuity and creativity that went into personalizing the advertising experience.
These case studies and more can be found here.
With better tracking, you can improve every aspect of your marketing and sales…
What these case studies tell you is that with better tracking, you can improve every aspect of your marketing and sales. From lower click prices, to higher conversions, to reduced cart abandonment and more.
There is no marketing problem that cannot be solved through better tracking. And you could even say the key to solving every marketing problem starts with better tracking.

How To Choose The Right Tracking Tool
When So Many Are Available

A good tracking tool must be…
  • Above and beyond anything else, the tracking tool must be ACCURATE.Make sure you choose a tool with the credibility and track record you can bet your business on, because you will be betting the future of your business on their accuracy.
  • In order to solve the many varying marketing problems you will encounter, the tracking tool must track more than just clicks and conversions. It should track every activity a visitor could make from view time to button clicks and even video plays.
  • Massive integrations is a necessity because what good is a tracking tool that doesn’t integrate with all of your other tools? Including ad networks!
  • Obviously, it must be affordable. If you can’t afford the tool, then it’s not helpful is it.
  • Lastly, and maybe 2nd most important, you must trust that the company isn’t sneaking a peek at your funnel. There are many new tools on the market run by marketers who are quietly peering through all your data to create their own funnels. Or WORSE, holding live events revealing your secret tactics.


We’ve hired a former Googler to create a conversion tracking masters course that makes tracking easy for you.
He recommends 1 tool over everything else…
  • Tracks clicks, conversions, funnels, events, and more. Even allows you to block bots and click fraud.
  • Native integration with the world’s largest ad networks and every major marketing tool currently existing.
  • It’s FREE!
  • It’s the world’s most used tracking solution and backed by a billion dollar tech giant. They have acres… ACRES… of servers ensuring you the most accurate tracking under the sun.
  • You can trust that this company isn’t going to swipe your sales funnel and become your competitor. Nor are they going out of business anytime soon.

Former Googler Releases Conversion Tracking Masters Course That Teaches You How To Unlock Trapped Sales From Your Sales Funnels

And Doing So With The World’s Most Powerful… and Free… Tracking Tool
If you’ve been struggling with setting up tracking for your whole funnel, then obviously this course is a no brainer for you. It’ll pay for itself the first month just from the trapped sales it helps you unlock.
What if you’ve already got tracking though?
When I sit with clients, one of the first questions I ask them is if they have tracking already set up. 9 times out of 10 they have only elementary level tracking setup. Do you have cart abandonment tracked? Are you blocking bot traffic and click fraud? Are you tracking scroll depth and video view depth?
Then I would urge you to keep reading, because you have a lot to gain from a better tracking setup. You can’t see where you’ve got hidden sales hiding in your sales funnel.

7 Ways Our Conversion Tracking Masters Course Unlocks More Trapped Sales Than Any Other Tracking Methods…

Our course instructor, John Belcher, worked at Google setting up direct response campaigns for some of Google’s most successful clients. You will discover advanced tracking methods taught by a career professional with expert level teaching skills.
You’ll discover how to identify if you have a click fraud problem, how bad it is, and then stop all click fraud and bot traffic at the source. By removing the bad traffic you’ll save thousands of dollars and increase your ROI. What if this is all you need to finally be able to scale your traffic?
Now you’ll be able to connect your revenue data and your advertising data into your tracking reports so you can see the full picture. You’ll be able to see exactly how much every keyword or ad is costing and earning, allowing you to optimize ROI better than ever before.
Our recommended tracking tool makes it easy to create advanced retargeting segments, including delayed trigger pixels for extremely high ROI retargeting campaigns. Imagine being able to retarget only people who’ve watched 50% of your VSL or been on your page for 2+ minutes. So much more is possible, learn it all with step-by-step videos.
The most advanced funnel tracking. Period. If you want to know your lifetime customer value, cart abandonment rate, upsell take rate, and top funnel exit pages you’ll love this course. You’ll see your entire funnel visualized and metrics for every step of your funnel allowing you to reveal exactly where you have the most trapped sales in your funnel.
Track the earnings and conversion rate of every email you send, every blog post your write, every tweet, snap, or keyword. With such granular tracking you’ll finally know whether all that blogging is worth it, or which email in your autoresponder is driving the most sales. How many more sales will you unlock when you have this kind of visibility in your marketing?
Every device tracked, even sub-domains, even cross-domain. It doesn’t matter how “frankenstein” your funnel is, John’s got you covered in this course. You’ll be able to see exactly how well your mobile traffic and desktop traffic is doing, including by specific mobile device types. Allowing you to see and track areas that were once invisible and full of trapped sales.

Here’s What You’ll Learn Inside Conversion Tracking Masters…

CLEAN UP YOUR DIRTY DATA: The first thing you’re about to do is clear your analytics of all the bot traffic, referral spam, and bad data that clutter your reports and lead you astray. Imagine logging into your dashboard and seeing the highest profits you’ve ever realized and with data you know you can trust to be accurate.
FOLLOW THE MONEY: Most marketers only track what’s costing them money, not what’s making them money. You’re now going to be able to see which keyword, which blog post, which email makes you the most money. Forget pinching pennies, you’ll now be able to optimize for earnings which is the key to scaling ad campaigns and unlocking hidden profits.
PREDICT WHEN CUSTOMERS WILL CONVERT: How can you predict when a website visitor is going to convert… and when they aren’t? Using your new conversion tracking skills, you’ll be one of those rare media buying masters who knows how to “spy” on your website visitors and predict when they’ll convert before they know it themselves. Then…you’ll learn how to use that newfound information to dial in your campaigns for greater scale and ROI.
You’ll know how to use custom event tracking to measure advanced metrics like button clicks (ideal for “Add to Cart” buttons), scroll depth (helpful for optimizing long sales pages), time on page (essential for improving VSLs), and more. You’ll also learn the secrets of John’s “Pixel Funnel Tracking,” an advanced tracking & optimization technique you’ll use to help squeeze unseen profit from your funnel.
(NOTE: This is the advanced stuff that silicon valley guys are doing enabling hyper-growth companies like AirBNB, Uber, and Dropbox)
EASILY TRACK ACROSS ANY DEVICE, TOOL, OR NETWORK: Not a techie? Not a problem. No matter how complicated your funnel is—no matter how many marketing tools, platforms, domains, or custom events you need to track—nothing will stand in your way. You’ll know how to handle any conversion tracking situation, so you’ll never have another gap in your data. John makes your frankenstein funnel easy and enjoyable to track.
COMPLETE FUNNEL TRACKING: Now you’ll be able to visualize your sales funnel at every step and extract maximum value from your visitors. You’ll see your average order value, cart abandonment rate, upsell take rate, earnings per visitor, and more. All of the critical metrics big companies use, will now be a piece of cake for you to set up. So easy, that you’ll be able to pull out your phone and in two clicks show anyone exactly how profitable each step of your funnel is today.
REAL LIFE CASE STUDIES OF HOW TO SCALE: Now that you’ve configured your analytics like a pro, you’ll start to use that data to optimize every touch point of your marketing and generate new sales you previously couldn’t reach. You’ll learn how to accurately determine your conversion window… and how to use this critical data to maximize your ROI from remarketing campaigns. Finally, you’ll also learn how to leverage both “top of funnel” analytics (so you can get more quick sales immediately) and “bottom of funnel” data (to improve your customer lifetime value and maximize overall profit).


  • BONUS 1 – GOOGLE TAG MANAGER FOR DUMMIES: In 2017 and beyond GTM is the heart of any direct response digital marketer. It is the one critical tool for managing all your pixels, tags, conversion codes, and event triggers. Unfortunately, most people make many critical mistakes in their GTM setup…which leads to incorrectly passed cookies and lost sales. You’ll never need to rely on developers who don’t understand marketing for your code placement again. Allowing you to move faster and smarter with your ad campaigns.
  • BONUS 2 – BAD DOMAIN BLACKLIST FOR AD NETWORKS: Imagine you had a crystal ball, and could predict every low converting placement on Google, Taboola, Outbrain, and other ad networks. If you could do that, your ROI would be the envy of all your friends. Well, I don’t have a crystal ball, but I do have 65,500 known bad domains you can instantly filter from your campaigns. If I charged $500 for just this document it would be worth your money, but you’re getting this document PLUS the masters course.

Here’s Your Chance To Wake Up Tomorrow With A Proven Plan

If you leave this page now, you’re going to wake up tomorrow and everything is going to be the same.
You’ll still have the same challenges and frustrations, without any new hope on the horizon for your business growth.
But when you DO invest in this system, then tomorrow will be different.
Tomorrow you’ll have a solution.
You’re going to wake up and know how to find trapped sales, how to filter out the bots and click fraud, how to setup goals so you can see the performance of your entire funnel, and how to save hours of time with Google Tag Manager.
Some have used this training to add a whole new service to their agency, and business owners have used it to train their employees.
But that’s just the beginning. Once you know how to track like a conversion master, what’s stopping you from scaling your company?
Get the course now, you know what happens if you wait. You’ll forget about it, weeks will go by, and you’ll be in the same spot you are now.