Dear Friend,

Starting an online business has never been so easy.

With e-commerce, it’s possible to start a company, create a lucrative income and become YOUR own boss in as little as 3 months.

A time-tested business model proven to work time and time again…

So why do we hear about so many people failing at e-commerce?

Losing precious dollars on FB ads.

Spending hours and hours of precious time…

Trying to find a 6-fig product, when you don’t know what the market wants.

The list goes on.

And on…

However, there is good news.

My name is Karianne, creator of Shopping Empires, and founder of 7-figure Shopify brands.

However, I wasn’t always a successful entrepreneur.

Picture this:

In 2016 and you had around $40,000 worth of debt and not enough money at the end of the month to buy lunch…

Cue October 2017:

Around this time you decided that enough was enough, and that you would learn dropshipping and Facebook ads. So you use your credit cards to fund this endeavor and dive head first into E-commerce.

And just like that, a month or two later, you cracked the code.

You made $700,000 in revenue from two stores…in just 3 months.

Your life is completely changed…new you.

But wait, there’s more…

Suddenly, in January 2018 you just couldn’t make Facebook Ads work anymore.

Nothing was working, and you were flat out stuck.

So, you decide to take a few months off and recoup because there HAS to be a better way…then all of sudden in April 2018, you came back for a second round.

But this time you decide to use the underrated marketing strategy instead…

And man oh man…was it a good idea.

You were finally able to profit after a few gruesome weeks of struggle. It wasn’t much at first, but now you CONSISTENTLY make upwards of $1000 profit everyday.