This course I will teach you everything you need to know about performance marketing and how to get your foot in the door with native advertising. Topics include:
Understanding the affiliate marketing business model
How to properly research campaigns and find successful offers to run
How to find good affiliate networks
How to set up your landing pages
How to use your tracker and how to connect everything together.
How to launch a full campaign in Revcontent (Shown 3 different ways)
How to build good relations with industry professionals
How to optimize and scale your campaigns to massive profits
Introduction + Mindset Needed
Introduction To The Blueprint (10:12)
What is Affiliate Marketing?
Flow of Money (19:22)
Understanding The Lingo (14:39)
Approach to Native Advertising
Logistics of How Native Ads Work & Why They Are Growing (17:04)
Best Affiliate Friendly Native Ad Networks + Why This Network Is The BEST One (11:24)
Examples of Successful Affiliate Marketing Campaigns (10:59)
Shortening The Optimization Time By Spying
How To Use This Amazing Spy Tool To View Everything About Successful Campaigns (27:03)
How To Manually Spy After Using Spy Tool For More Accuracy (18:03)
How To Make Money With Native Ads
Whitelist vs. Blacklist + What They Are and When To Use Which One (13:52)
Uncommon Strategy To Build Profitable Campaigns ASAP (Great For Low Budget) (6:44)
Getting Into Affiliate Networks
Why I Don’t Have A Specific Favorite Affiliate Network (9:13)
How To Get Into Almost Any Affiliate Network (15:15)
How To Get Affiliate Managers To Help You (What Questions To Ask) (6:38)
How To Set Up Your Landing Pages
How To Buy Your Domain + Web Hosting Options (13:38)
How To Connect Your Domain To Go Live (6:19)
How To Create Landing Pages From Scratch (9:13)
How To Swipe Landing Pages + How To Edit Them (21:51)
How To Make Your Landing Page Go Live On Your Domain (5:25)
How To Collect Emails To Build A List (Optional)
Trackers And Why You NEED Them
My Favorite Tracker (And Why) (8:18)
How To Set Up Your Campaign In Your Tracker + What To Track & How (31:59)
How To Track With Clickbank (Optional)
Ready For Launch!
Campaign Game Plan Rundown + Ad Image and Headline Variations (22:15)
Setting Up Your Ads In Revcontent
How To Properly Set Up Your Ad (Shown For Both Low and Large Budgets) (21:25)
How To Place Bids Accordingly + Best Time To Submit Ads (12:01)
How To Talk To Your Traffic Rep (Building A Good Relationship) (6:06)
Scaling & Optimizing
Reviewing Data (What To Look For To Optimize & Scale) (21:59)
Logistics Of Hitting 5-Figure Days With Native Ads (7:00)
Importance Of Masterminding With Other Affiliates (9:49)
Private Mastermind Group + Q&A’s (Student Access Only)
Secret Opportunity (6:47)