Dear Marketing Professional:
Spring 2003. A programmer in Phoenix quit his day job. He and three other pals were hungry: “Will write software for food.” All had mortgages, kids in diapers, and car payments.
He typed “marketing” into Google. Spied my ad for “Nine Great Lies of Sales & Marketing” and clicked. Got hooked on my autoresponder. He purchased my “Marketing System in a Box” for $695 and signed up for his fast start consultation.
He was desperate to make the cash register ring. I explained that businesses have severe problems all the time, problems a crackerjack programmer like himself can solve.
I told him what he’s really selling is “money at a discount” – “I’ll solve your $50,000 problem and it will only cost you ten grand.”
I told him, “When one company has a problem, there’s usually a thousand more firms with the exact same problem. We can probably find a way for you to create one solution that has been funded by your initial client, then scale it into a profitable product.”
I’d just come from a tech company that had done exactly that, parlaying custom development into a product line and then to a chip. We sold that company for $18 million. It was only natural to steer him down the exact same path.
A few months later, a mortgage guy named Reed Hoisington needed a custom CRM system. He hired the guy and his team to build it.
That guy’s name was Clate Mask. One click on a Perry Marshall Google Ad led to a company called InfusionSoft.
In December 2017, venture analyst Nathan Latka detailed the case for a $967 million acquisition of InfusionSoft.
Clate, who is the world’s reigning king of autoresponders and automated marketing, discovered autoresponders from me – “Nine Great Lies of Sales & Marketing.” This planted the seeds of a billion-dollar firm. He accomplished all this in only 15 years.
You say:
“That’s nice Perry… but I’m not even remotely interested in building a billion-dollar company… so what does this have to do with ME???”
It has everything to do with you, because THE GOLDEN AGE OF MARKETING IS OFFICIALLY OVER.
Because all the world’s most sophisticated marketing has become a commodity.
And most small companies sorely lack one crucial ingredient that the big players prize more than anything else.
This is why I am taking equity in companies.

The business I’m in is not the business you think I’m in. This is only the exterior. I’m going to show you the whole thing.
At the beginning, I addressed you as: “Dear Marketing Professional.”
Today I summon you to something far greater. More noble, more expansive, more ambitious than merely being a “Marketing Professional.”

I’m inviting you to join an elite group of individuals who stand head and shoulders above the masses of ordinary marketers.
NOT everybody will follow me. I’m not posturing when I say that. Most people who made the first transition won’t make the 2nd.
Sony didn’t invent the iPod, but they could and should have.

The taxi industry could have invented Uber, but they fought it instead.

General Motors didn’t invent Tesla, even though they should have. (They had a great electric car 20 years ago, the EV1… they scrapped it.)
All of these companies had perfectly good excuses for why they couldn’t swing the changes. In each case it meant taking a hatchet to what was “already working” and making a bold move.
(I know one of the guys who headed up the electric car program at GM in the 1990s. He shakes his head in disbelief at what GM discarded when they crushed those dearly-loved cars and hauled them to the junkyard. He was so disillusioned he left the auto industry and is now doing something completely different.)
Similarly, most marketers won’t make it around this bend. They too will invent an excuse to forever remain “marketers” and doom themselves to obsolescence.
For 25 years, “Marketing Professional” was the highest paid position in any company. That was during the golden age of marketing – from 1992 to 2017.
All successful CEOs had to possess great marketing acumen. This is illustrated by a story Dan Kennedy told about his conversation with the CEO of a Fortune 500 company: “Dan, why am I writing you a $160,000 check for a week of copywriting? I don’t make anywhere near $160,000 a week?”
Answer: “Because I know how to get customers. You don’t.”
We are exiting that golden age of marketing, and because I’ve had a front row seat to most of its history, there’s history you need to know.
Twenty-five years ago, 1992, was the year Jeff Paul and Dan Kennedy created the “JPDK Model” (their initials) and began advertising in Success Magazine and paying volunteers from Rodney Tolleson’s church to mail out sales letters.
You may not have heard the term “JPDK,” but everyone knows what it is. JPDK was a way for any person who understood marketing to fix their own business, write their own success story, then become a marketing guru. A mini-celebrity earning a high income and enjoying the perks of modest fame, yet known only to people who go to certain seminars and work in certain professions.
People built guru businesses in chiropractic, dentistry, real estate, carpet cleaning and every other niche you can possibly imagine. If you’ve ever heard of Frank Kern, Ryan Deiss, Joe Polish or Jeff Walker, then you can thank the JPDK model.
I myself built a JPDK-style business based on Google AdWords. I later branched out into Facebook and 80/20.
Dan and Jeff drilled a fundamental mind shift into their students’ heads: The plastic surgeon must transform from “plastic surgeon,” to “marketer of a brand-new self-image.” The restaurant owner had to migrate from purveyor of food, to marketer of the superior restaurant experience. The software developer or IT specialist must morph from techie to marketer of high-tech services.
This was an absolutely crucial identity shift. An alteration of self-image, of career definition. Tens of thousands of entrepreneurs yielded to this shift and made small fortunes.
Average Bears couldn’t see why they should make the transition. They protested: “But my business is different.” “It feels like selling out to the dark side.”
Those people eventually got jobs working for someone else.
And now the world has moved on… again. Even a “marketer identity shift” is insufficient for 2018. Those who fail to round the next bend will also wake up one day soon, punching the clock for the man.
If you define yourself as Marketer, you consign yourself forever as #2. In 2018, being the Marketer makes you the second highest paid person. Those who understand only marketing will be working for someone else.
Those who do not fully grasp how marketing fits into the larger picture will also be working for The Man.
Being “the marketer” in your own company (founder, CEO) makes you the #2 in your market. (At best.) You’re forever vulnerable to the whims and dictates of #1.
If you’re not the lead dog, the view’s the same.
Even the greatest marketer in the world now submits to the Equity Strategist.

YES, the Equity Strategist must thoroughly grasp marketing. But the Equity Strategist commands so much more.
Maybe you’re content just being the second highest paid person in the firm.
But don’t forget:

  • #1 Enjoys the freedom; #2 is a slave
  • #1 Takes home 2-10X more money than #2
  • #1 Keeps 75-95% of the wealth; #2 fights over the scraps

The world is not 80/20 anymore, it’s 95/5. 5% of the people attain 95% of the wealth. Once upon a time, #2 could still walk away with 20%. Now #2 is lucky to take home 5%. Probably 2% or zero.
Five Steps to Ruling Your Kingdom:

  1. Marketing
  2. Equity
  3. Scale
  4. Moat
  5. Castle

Marketing is essential. You’ll never rule anything without a thorough knowledge of marketing. But it’s not enough anymore. And until you have a clear, simple, elegant road map to the big levers, you will be mired in a sprawling swamp-bog of complexity. Most marketing education stops here. It’s not enough.
Equity is mandatory. There are three kinds of equity: I) Cash Equity: You set aside enough money to invest in assets that throw off cash. II) 80/20 Lifestyle Equity: When you don’t have equity (i.e. baseball player or oil painter) but you do have other forms of leverage. III) Business Systems Equity: You build a business you can sell. Rosetta Stone is about getting Business Systems Equity – even if you’re in a type #I or #II business right now.
Scale is the hardest step. It’s also the step that looks the easiest! In nearly any industry it’s easy to scoop up 1% market share. Even if you’re a bit player, there’s low hanging fruit you can shake off somewhere. But… getting 10%, 20%, 30% of the market – everyone makes it sound easy but it’s very hard.
Moat is the most rare. Nothing determines the value of your equity more than your moat.
95-99% of businesses don’t have a moat. The world’s greatest moat is Network Effect. Network Effect is when Ebay has buyers, which attracts more sellers, who attract more buyers. Ebay might seem stodgy in 2018, but it’s more immune to attack than the presidential palace in North Korea. You could spend $100 billion and you’d still never get Ebay’s buyers and sellers to switch to a new auction site. And that’s the kind of moat you need. The problem is, nobody has worked out a formula for regular businesses to attain Network Effect. Before now.
3000 years ago, Solomon said build your barn before you build your house. And I say: build your moat before you build your castle!
Rosetta Stone is Network Effect for Everyman.
Castle is your personal financial protection. It’s your autonomy and freedom. It’s immunity from confiscatory tax laws. It’s your capacity to rule as a Wise King. It’s the fortress that enables you do to the things you care about. Superstars of Planet Perry like Clate Mask and Ed Harycki, Mark Ingles and Bill Seagraves; programmer Monica Snyder, dog trainer Susan Garrett and tennis champion Florian Meier, are not only accomplishing what they want financially, but their lifestyles support their personal priorities and deep convictions.
Rosetta Stone is the first training to integrate all five, delivering not only an A-Z road map to the most powerful marketing strategies in the world but giving you OWNERSHIP, SCALE and PROTECTION – so ten years from now you’re no longer huffing and puffing trying to make that hamster wheel spin.
Three Days of Intense Perry Delivery

The Rosetta Stone Seminar will deliver three days of concentrated discovery and interaction, integrating and simplifying my sixteen years of consulting, authoring, teaching and strategy.
All other seminars I’ve hosted have either been small workshops with hot seats, or team efforts featuring multiple presenters and experts. I’ve not held any other large-format seminar where I delivered more than six hours of material myself.
At Star Seminar in 2014, Richard Koch did most of the presenting. In Marina Del Ray California the following year, I had many guests covering a wide range of topics. The fabled AdWords seminars in Maui Hawaii featured many speakers. The Rainmaker seminar for consultants had many speakers.
Roundtable meetings are more member content than Perry content. Only in the Influential Writing workshop in 2013 (twelve in attendance) did I give the majority of presentations across two days. There, the topic was extremely narrow.
This is nothing less than the definitive strategic marketing synthesis. An Operating System. The next level for people who already know the ABCs of marketing and who also know that what got you here won’t get you there.
It’s the zero-to-billion action plan.
Whether you simply desire to earn $400,000 a year strictly on your own terms, or if you prefer to join the ranks of the wealthiest entrepreneurs in the world, I’m delivering the world’s first Zero-to-Billion business strategy. May 8-10, 2018.
The Rosetta Stone seminar is utterly unique. I named this after the Egyptian Rosetta Stone, discovered in 1799. This discovery was a MAJOR leap forward, bridging Egyptian, Greek and Coptic cultures and understanding three major languages. It converted HUGE fragments of ancient history, harmonizing discordant time lines, shedding brilliant light on ancient languages, unraveling cultural mysteries and bringing the story of mankind into alignment.
The idea of a “Rosetta Stone” is to be able to set three different languages side by side and be able to decipher what all of them mean.
The Rosetta Stone seminar integrates Traffic, Conversion and Economics (marketing) with the Master 80/20 Toolkit (including strategies for market domination, simplification and fast growth) and the Self-Sustaining Network Maneuver, which is the most adroit moat you can put around any business.
Rosetta Stone is THE definitive marketing education. Master Strategy. It leaps beyond mere marketing to encompass all of the major strategies that are creating million- and billion-dollar businesses in the 21st century.
What’s NEW in Rosetta Stone?

  1. The ability to walk into any business and instantly see how to add a zero. Maybe two or three zeros.
  2. Immediate ability to rule out businesses where adding zeros is impossible.
  3. A method for revealing the exact bottleneck standing in the way of more zeros.
  4. A road map to the exact tools, processes and strategies that add the zeros. (Half have never been seen by most Planet Perry members, and at no time have I ever explained how to put them all together.)
  5. If you’re a CEO, a model for locating key consultants and employees and giving them “golden handcuffs”.
  6. If you’re a consultant, a model for qualifying clients and taking equity in companies.
  7. A structure for ending consultant or client relationships that aren’t working.
  8. A model for sharing equity that’s fair to all and ensures you get paid.
  9. The master formula for Self-Sustaining Network, which is the strongest moat you can build around any castle.

If you want your client to exit in 2-5 years by selling their firm for $40 million and you want 10% of the pie (so when they sell you get $4 million worth of stock options) your chances of making this happen are infinitely better if you watch the Rosetta Stone Live Stream.

I will also outline a tax strategy that ensures that you pay an absolute minimum of taxes on those stock options. Your stock options can be owned by your retirement account while still allowing you to invest that money in other businesses and ventures, tax deferred.
Otherwise the tax man will cross your moat, knock on your door, and take half your castle.
And you don’t have to be a tax exile like Richard Koch (who renounced his British citizenship and now divides his time between four different countries) to do that.
You will only pay taxes on whatever portion that you immediately pay yourself as personal income. All the rest is sheltered.
Again, I will devote a portion of this seminar to that strategy. Many participants will earn a 100X return on their seminar tuition from that one portion alone, because it saves you 30-40% on taxes.
Participants will receive a complete book and Master Strategy Toolkit, with access to vital online tools.
If you’re caught between the wheels, faced with innumerable possibilities and you’re not sure which way to turn… you need a Master Strategy. Does your brain feel like just so much spaghetti of marketing and business advice, piling more new business books on top of the existing pile?
After Rosetta Stone, EVERY business book you have ever read, any business book or course you take in the future, will easily and transparently fit into the larger master framework. It will take less space in your brain. You’ll be able to twist the Rubik’s Cube so effortlessly.
Pieces will seamlessly fit together and your ability to grasp and solve problems will instantly spike and continue to rise as you apply the concepts to situations every day.
Imagine being thrown HARD business problems (like fast pitch-baseball) and being able to solve them with ease.
Imagine no longer wondering if the business you’re in – or the new product you’re thinking about developing – is going to be a big giant sink-hole, but being able to move confidently forward with your plans.