The fastest, simplest way to add $4,000/month in automatic revenue to your business

  • We built an evergreen engine that sells millions of dollars of digital courses
  • We do it without expensive software, complicated technology, or paid ads
  • We’ll show you what we learned building the system — the tools, the psychology, and the mistakes to avoid — and how to build your own evergreen system

Ready Set Evergreen is our shortcut program for building a profitable evergreen engine in your business — right now.
We’ve included three powerful results from our multi-year, multimillion-dollar evergreen optimization.

The Evergreen Shortcut

Ready Set Evergreen gives you the 5 steps to hitting $4,000 per month in automated revenue. Just 5.
You can — and should — ignore the overly complicated evergreen tactics and diagrams you see online. With our Evergreen Shortcut, you can build your evergreen engine today.

Evergreen Boosters

These are the 3 advanced evergreen strategies proven to drive real conversion wins. Once your automated evergreen funnels are driving reliable revenue, use these levers to crank up your results.

Evergreen Dead Ends

FACT: Most of the evergreen tactics you find online are a waste of time. After years and millions of dollars in testing, we’ve discovered which tactics drive evergreen revenue and which are shiny distractions.
Ready Set Evergreen is the only place to get GrowthLab’s official “skip it” list for popular but worthless evergreen tactics.

How Ready Set Evergreen works

This shortcut program includes four videos, all of which you get immediate access to once you join. At just 60 minutes, Ready Set Evergreen is designed to be fast and focused — the quickest way for you to set up a profitable evergreen machine in your business.
The first two videos cover the hard lessons we learned from evergreen and how we look at evergreen funnels today. The second two videos get tactical, showing you specific steps on how to get your funnels working, along with the select few advanced conversion tactics that we always use ourselves.

What happened when we tried to double evergreen revenue

What you’ll learn

  • The #1 lever for evergreen growth
  • The three core lessons we learned about evergreen after dedicating a full team to optimize our evergreen
  • How we increased our evergreen conversion rates by 35%

How evergreen really works

What you’ll learn

  • The unspoken truth about “advanced” evergreen funnels
  • How many evergreen funnels you should have — and why
  • The results of our quiz that sorted leads into personalized evergreen funnels

The Evergreen Shortcut: How to start and grow your evergreen revenue to $4,000 per month

What you’ll learn

  • Why you should never fix a broken funnel in evergreen
  • The 3 most common reasons your evergreen funnel isn’t working
  • Benchmark: Conversion rate of a healthy launch funnel
  • The 4 things you need to build a successful evergreen funnel
  • How to make your sales pages open and close when you want them to (2 options)
  • How to pick the right product for your evergreen funnel (and know when you’re ready to use it)
  • 5 steps to hitting $4,000/month in evergreen revenue
  • The official evergreen “skip it” list — Don’t waste your time on these 5 popular tactics

Advanced Evergreen — Where to go from here

What you’ll learn

  • 3 advanced tactics that always increase your evergreen revenue, including our top strategy, which boosts evergreen revenue by 35%
  • Discover the easy strategy for adding 10% revenue to your evergreen and launches