What You’ll Learn

  • How to craft an automated email follow up series that converts…even if you’ve never written “sales copy” in the past (TIP: Our copy-and-paste templates make it quick, simple, and nearly-impossible to mess up.)
  • The 4 types of subject lines that engage your subscriber and demand to be opened (PLUS: 30+ examples of “killer” subject lines you can swipe for your own campaigns)
  • The 10-step plan to quickly roll out an “Indoctrination Series” that makes a positive first impression, and skyrockets the open rates of ever email you send in the future
  • How to leverage the 4 types of Conversion Triggers to overcome known objections, and exactly when and how often you should deploy each to maximize revenue without “burning out” your list.
  • How companies like Angie’s List, Shinola, and SeaVees use automated emails to move MILLIONS of dollars of a wide array of products, PLUS…
  • DigitalMarketer’s proven copy-and-paste email template (5 series and 37 total emails) that make crafting high-converting promotional email campaigns as easy as “COPY…PASTE…SEND”

In this workshop, you’ll work with DigitalMarketer Co-Founders, Ryan Deiss and Richard Lindner, to build an email follow-up series that converts new subscribers into raving fans of your brand. Here’s a sample of what you’ll receive…
Fully Customized Indoctrination Series
Just because someone has subscribed to your list, doesn’t mean they recognize your name (or your company’s name) in their inbox or look forward to receiving emails from you…You’ll use our Indoctrination series templates to change that. We’ll also look at real-life examples from companies like Angie’s List, Shinola, and SeaVees to see how well they stack up against your campaign.
Conversion Campaign Tailored to Your Business
Use 3 proven templates to answer the question that every marketer should be asking…
“How do I monetize my subscriber list?”
This is the meat and potatoes of this workshop. This is where we show you how to craft a conversion campaign that moves your new subscribers to the “buy” phase as quickly and seamlessly as possible.
Bolt-On Campaigns For Added Conversions
What do you do if a stubborn subscriber completes the conversion series WITHOUT converting?
You “stack” your series.
Use one of 4 “bolt-on” campaign templates to expand or extend the email series for your original offer or redirect your subscribers to a new offer.

Workshop Description
“Automate Your Business Growth with Email Follow-up” is our brand new, 1-Day, go at your own pace, online workshop that shows you exactly how to convert your new and email subscribers into high-value buyers and, eventually, repeat customers…
Basically, it’s all about putting money in your bank account (yes please) using advanced automated email marketing tactics to build relationships with your customers and drive sales.
You’ll Walk Away With

  • A fully customized, automated email follow up series that converts more new subscribers into customers (and literally makes you money while you sleep).
  • The one page fill-in-the-blank “8-Point Automated Email Follow-up Series Audit” that grades every facet of your email campaign…from subject lines to calls to action.
  • 11 done for you, copy & paste email templates that create high-converting promotional email campaigns from scratch (which, by the way have generated HUNDREDS of MILLIONS in sales)

Workshop Breakdown
Step 1:
Follow-up Marketing: 101
Learn the core concepts of follow-up marketing by looking at prime examples of email subject lines, the three types of emails every successful business is using, and the two types of email send types you should be utilizing in your own follow-up campaigns
Step 2:
Crafting Your Indoctrination Campaign
We’ll walk you through a 10-step plan for quickly rolling out an email Indoctrination campaign (Welcome Series) that aligns your brand with your new subscriber and makes a strong first impression…
Because that’s exactly what the Indoctrination Series is… it’s your ONE and only shot to make a strong first impression, connect with your new subscriber and stand out in their mind (AND THEIR INBOX).
Step 3:
Crafting Your Conversion Campaign
We take you, step-by-step, through the entire process of building a conversion campaign that overcomes objections and common misconceptions associated with your products. Basically, we show you how to take those new leads and convert them to buyers.
Step 4:
BONUS: Bolt-On Series Stacking
So what happens when a subscriber makes it through the initial campaign without converting?
Use our 4 “Bolt-on” templates to extend your conversion campaign for the original offer OR redirect stubborn subscribers to a new, relevant offer.