1.1 – Note from the Author
Hi all, I’m the Director of Traffic and VP of Marketing here at DigitalMarketer and I’ll guide you through this Execution Plan.
I started from scratch, so if that’s you… don’t worry. I began at DigitalMarketer as an intern with hardly any knowledge of digital marketing. Over the past five years, I’ve gained valuable experience that I can’t wait to share with all of you inside this Execution Plan.
I craft, test, and implement numerous media campaigns daily so that we can share with you what works and what doesn’t. This saves you time and money and allows me to consume a plethora of knowledge in which I can share.
Facebook Messenger Ads are all the craze right now. They’re the most PERSONAL ad type on the market.
Our culture has bred an expectation of instantaneous communication. Whether through text, chat, or social media… when someone sends you a message, you FEEL the need to respond in a timely manner (or at least most of us do ).
Think about it.
This is what makes Facebook Messenger marketing so powerful, it taps into a channel that 1+ billion people are using… and also facilitate communication in a way that people now expect.
Brands that utilize messenger to communicate with their prospects and customers will win—and that’s what we’ll be diving into throughout this Execution Plan! How to use Facebook Messenger marketing to generate conversations, leads, and sales for your business.
It will be up to you to “execute” on this Execution Plan.
 But if you do the hard work, the sky is the limit.
Molly Pittman
VP of Marketing

1.2 – How to Get the Most Out Of Your Execution Plan

Firstly, if you are a member of Digital Marketer Lab, please bring questions about this Execution Plan (or any other marketing question) to the weekly Office Hours call. This call takes place every Thursday at 3 PM Eastern Time.
Or post questions in the Digital Marketer Engage Facebook Group.
Here’s how to get the most out of the content in this Execution Plan,

1. Read the entire EP once – Read through this entire EP, watch any videos and download the resources. Don’t execute on the steps until you have finished reading the entire EP. This will help you understand the progression of the steps and put them into context.

2. Complete the steps – This Execution Plan is a checklist. Each step builds upon the next. Complete each step in order.

1.3 – Why does this matter?

1.4 – Why does this matter?


2.1 – Destination Ads
2.2 – Sponsored Messages
2.3 – Tools and Getting Set Up


3.1 – Getting Started
3.2 – Your Unique Link
3.3 – Site Overlays
3.4 – Integrate With Your Tech Stack
3.5 – Comment to Message Feature
3.6 – Contest


4.1 – Getting Started
4.2 – Welcome Messages
4.3 – Follow-Up Sequences
4.4 – Segmentation and Tagging


5.1 – Sending Broadcasts
5.2 – Retargeting Bottom of the Funnel
5.3 – Conversational Selling
5.4 – Moving the Conversation Off Messenger
5.5 – How to Manage Everything (Human Resources)
5.6 – Have a Question?
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