Class Curriculum

Bitcoin Mastery Tribe
Introduction To Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies
The History Of Bitcoin And The Blockchain (34:23)
The Future Of Bitcoin, Alt Coins, And ICO’s (9:20)
What is a Bitcoin Hardfork? (5:57)
How To Buy Your FIRST BITCOIN! (5:00)
Alternative Exchanges To Buy Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies (5:05)
Setting Up A Secure Bitcoin Wallet (7:58)
Additional Security For Your Bitcoin (3:22)
Quickest Way To Spend Your Bitcoin (1:19)
Trading Cryptocurrencies
Introduction To Trading Bitcoin & Alt Coins For INSANE Returns (14:52)
GDAX And The Bid-Ask Spread (12:26)
The BEST Platforms For Trading Alt-Coins (2:38)
How To Use Coinbase, GDAX, And Bittrex (6:49)
CryptoNick’s Trading Strategy and Technical Indicators (7:36)
Real Time Trade Setup With CryptoNick (4:13)
CryptoNick’s Indicators Explained (11:27)
Trends, Indicators, And Setting Up Your Trades (22:17)
Lending Bitcoin For BIG Daily Payouts! (Be The Bank, Collect Your Interest)
Introduction To Lending For Passive Cryptocurrency Income (22:21)
Setting Up Your BitConnect Account (9:20)
How To Transfer Your Profits Back To Dollars (7:57)
Measuring Interest Performance Through Daily Volatility (4:58)
CryptoNick’s Bitconnect Lending Strategy (Over $350,000 Earned In 5 Months) (3:57)
Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency Mining For Passive Income
Bitcoin Mining Overview (14:08)
Different Cloud Mining Platforms Ft. CryptoNick (4:52)
Understanding Bitcoin Mining Difficulty (2:28)
Calculating Mining Profitability (8:47)
Bitcoin Mining Through Hashflare (5:15)
How To Build A 6-Figure Crypto/Bitcoin Brand
Introduction To Building A 6-7 Figure Crypto Brand (27:40)
Mastering Youtube For Your Crypto Brand (14:29)
Create A Youtube Thumbnail For HIGH CLICK THROUGH Rate (7:25)
Setting Up An Instagram Business Profile (11:18)
How To EXPONENTIALLY GROW Your Instagram and Automate (10:52)
Influencer Marketing (3:57)
Creating A Facebook Business Profile & Private Group For Free Traffic (6:11)
$30,000 Per Month Crypto ClickFunnel (11:53)
Building A Crypto Brand With CryptoNick (75,000 Youtube Subscribers) (3:13)
Running Profitable FB Ads To Your Clickfunnel (22:04)