Shelle Rose Chavet – Lab Profile Online Training

Trainers, Coaches, Consultants!

Know NLP?

Do you need to differentiate yourself from your competition?

If others are winning contracts based on a lower price, then it’s time for you to offer something NEW, that has MUCH MORE VALUE!

What if you knew how to solve your clients’ most urgent problems?

Do you want to make sure your business model will thrive in the NEW REALITY?

With the LAB Profile® Consultant/Trainer Certification Training Program,
you’ll be able to uncover what really motivates ANYONE!

And you’ll be able to do what only a very few people can do!

When and Where: August 1st to 12th, 2016 in Paris, France
Learn how to

Differentiate yourself in a market full of coaches, consultants and trainers
Design learning programs that actually change behavior using NLP & LAB Profile® techniques
Use advanced LAB Profile® coaching methodologies to help clients shift
Create marketing materials to attract more customers
Solve your clients’ most difficult communication situations
Make compelling presentations to even the most skeptical audiences
Master the Language of Influence for any situation
Understand the Combination Patterns that make customers buy
Create communication strategies that reach people’s hearts and minds
Predict and influence behavior with individuals, teams and mass communication challenges
Know exactly what language to use – or avoid – to motivate and inspire
Know how to develop the right approach to lead your key teams and employees
Build high performance teams
Enhance your facilitation skills to handle even the most challenging groups
Master the LAB Profile® Patterns to manage strategic meetings and high stakes negotiations
Diagnose corporate & team culture to introduce change, and make it stick

Results you can expect from this program:

Sell more sooner
Develop new markets for your skills
Get results quicker for your clients
Get a whole new skill set – that your clients want
Learn how to market, position and sell using below-conscious motivators
Differentiate yourself in a market full of coaches, consultants and trainers
Participate in an exciting, advanced training that may well change your career – and your life!