Give Yourself Sound Guidance into the Power of Meditation
Mastering your mind through meditation can make all the difference in your life. If you’ve wanted the guidance to begin meditation but are too busy for meditation retreats and have found it too hard to focus and learn on your own, you’ve come to the right place.

SoundMind Meditation offers, in one audio program, the two most valuable assets for effective meditation:
– A highly refined format of audio technology, scientifically proven to induce a deep meditation brainwave profile, accelerating all the benefits of traditional meditation.
– Voice-guided instruction that leads you in simple steps to ever deeper levels of concentration, insight and awareness. You will learn a technique called Vipassana, which means insight. The benefits of Vipassana are countless.

SoundMind proves that mastering meditation doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive.
Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced user, you get the technology to help you concentrate, the guidance to gradually lead you into ever greater insights, and the simplicity to make life-changing concepts come easily. All in an affordable series whose guarantee is a comfort in itself.
Basic to SoundMind is our specially programmed brainwave entrainment technology.
Using proven binaural audio to take you into a deeply meditative trance, it uses the best of 21st Century science to help you focus your mind on age-old meditation wisdom … the Insight Meditation technique is presented to you in eight gentle and engaging steps by Jonathan Cole, who has well over a decade of practical experience with Insight Meditation. In the Buddhas language, this technique is called Vipassana.
With daily practice, SoundMind Meditation will transform your life.
The science behind insight meditation is vast and conclusive. Now is the time to join millions of other practitioners who have attained:

– A higher-performance mind
– Increased learning capacity, concentration, and memory
– Reduced and eliminated stress
– Clear insight into your problems and their solutions
– Greater happiness and victory over depression
– Lowered blood pressure by reducing stress
– The mindfulness to live in the “now”
– Greater patience in difficult situations
– Clearer thinking with reduced mental “noise”
– Higher levels of hormones and neurotransmitters that create a sense of well-being

How Does it Work?
The SoundMind Meditation program merges two meditation guidance methods into one profoundly effective system. It is unlike anything you may have heard about or tried before.
Our unique approach uses both technological support in the form of trance-inducing brainwave therapy together with instructional voice guidance from highly-regarded insight meditation tutor Jonathan Cole. SoundMind combines the traditional insight meditation technique taught by the Buddha himself with cutting edge brainwave training technology that makes it much easier to quiet your mind and learn.
Today the line between science and spirituality is fading. SoundMind Meditation is at the forefront of this new age by integrating the wisdom of yesterday with the science of today. Any meditation system that still uses only half of this whole-mind system falls short.
This is the full SoundMind Meditation course (Ocean Surf Version), including both volumes, The Breath Series and The Inner Body Series.
Your own Breath and Body awareness are the tools you will learn during this complete insight meditation course. This is the most cost effective way to work through the SoundMind Meditation program.
You will acquire all the tools and insights to put you in direct contact with your subconscious mind. In Volume I, The Breath Series, you will acquire the skills to fully concentrate the mind. Then in Volume II, Inner Body, you will become fully aware of your bodily sensations, and learn how to use this awareness to transcend the stresses of your daily life.

Inner Body (insight) meditation has countless benefits; this is but partial list:
– Allows you to see things as they truly are
– Gives clarity into how mind and matter interact
– Infuses the mind with stronger motivation, effort, and patience
– Improves memory and concentration
– Decreases dementia as a risk of aging
– Provides a fundamental understanding of reality
– Increases feelings of love, compassion, and contentment
– Helps you to “know yourself” better
– De-conditions negativities like anger, hatred, selfishness, depression
– Reduces anxiety and lowers blood pressure
– Removes impurities of your mind

The SoundMind breakthrough is about helping you break through the barriers.
Please remember that to practice meditation is to do just that: practice. Even the most advanced practitioners are still students of the art.
With its focus-assisting audio and simple, riveting instruction by Jonathan Cole, SoundMind is a welcome advance in making the practice of meditation not only easy, but something you’ll quickly come to look forward to. Your consciousness will begin to open into a whole new dimension – the dimension of pure consciousness free from thinking. Without our mind’s constant chatter, this pure dimension is, by default, a dimension of pure joy, love and compassion. Because that is the natural state of our experience..

Each level of both Breath Series and Inner Body Series are structured as follows (N =level):
N.0 Discourse (a theoretical overview and discussion)
N.1 Main Instructions (the main in-depth guided lesson)
N.2 Guided Review (a sparse guided-meditation and review)
N.3 Gong & Bell Session (gong or bell reminders every few minutes)
N.4 Practice Session (a practice session with no external reminders)

SoundMind Course Syllabus
Breath I – Breath Awareness Part 1
Breath II – Breath Awareness Part 2
Breath III – Breathing Sensation Awareness
Breath IV – Body Sensation Awareness

Inner Body I – Head to Feet in Sections
Inner Body II – Both Directions in Sections
Inner Body III – Symmetrical Movement in Sections
Inner Body IV – Symmetrical Free Flow and Sections