E-Commerce Empire is an interactive training program with a world-class coaching community designed to take you by-the-hand and help you build your own successful e-commerce business.

As a member, you’ll learn how to:

– Research and find killer products
– Negotiate sample orders without getting scammed
– Validate and prove your product’s market demand
– Promote your brand and scale up your E-Commerce Empire!

E-Commerce Empire is culmination of years of experience and the feedback of a thriving community. Our proven methods, techniques, and strategies have been replicated, shared, and spread around the internet for one reason–-they work. We’re always improving and updating the program, so that members have access to the most up-to-date information in the industry.

How Do I Find High Profit Margin Products That Have Steady Market Demand Without The Risk Associated With Importing From Another Country?

1. Product Research and Market Analysis
Do you want to build a private label product or do you want to gamble? The biggest mistake newbie e-commerce sellers make is to rush past or entirely skip the product research phase of launching a product.
Without analyzing the potential margin or market demand of a specific product, you’re shooting in the dark. You’ll save yourself a lot of time and money by doing proper product research.

2. Sourcing and Negotiating for Samples.
Our Top 3 Supplier Hacks:
– Never Be The Boss: Always negotiate as a purchasing manager or secretary.
– Use 3rd Party Financial Protection: Use a form of Escrow or Paypal to protect yourself from getting scammed.
– Place Small Sample Orders: It’s easy to get most suppliers to reduce their MOQ, so order 10-15 units to test the market demand.

3. Test and Validate Market Demand
The core of the lean startup method is testing small and scaling up only that which works.
By testing your 10-15 sample products first, you can determine if there is a steady market demand for you to build a profitable private label product around. By validating existing market demand, you can eliminate the risks that go along with placing larger orders for hundreds or thousands of units.

4. Scaling Up and Supply Chain Management
Along with building your brand and researching additional opportunities, you’re going to need to build a network of tools, services, and virtual assistants to keep your E-Commerce Empire running like a well oiled machine.
So once you’ve successfully validated a killer product, we’ll show you how to drive sales, simplify your supply chain, and automate everything so that you can spend more time growing your business, instead of working in it.