12 Drop Shipping Methods That Work Like Crazy Right Now

There isn’t just one way to become successful at drop shipping.
Throughout the last year, I’ve been fortunate enough to see behind the scenes of countless successful drop shipping businesses from former students, friends and strangers who reached out to me.
Most “gurus” want to make you believe that there’s just one method to build a successful drop shipping store; their method.
This is a common misconception.
In fact, I’ve been guilty of this fallacy myself.
Because I became successful using a particular drop shipping method, I thought I had stumbled upon the “holy grail”, and I was convinced my method was the best and the only way to become successful at drop shipping. And every “guru” right now is falling victim of this.
Today I know this is wrong.
In fact, there are at least 12 drop shipping methods that work like crazy right now. In this article I will introduce you to these different methods and show you what people have been able to achieve with them.
The 12 Drop Shipping Methods

Since I’ll be covering all twelve methods in this article, I won’t be able to go super in-depth with each method. However, I’ve covered some of these drop shipping methods in more detail in other articles (for example: The Piggybacking Method and the Horizontal Scaling Method).