Transformational Author Summit 2018 – Write , Publish & Promote Your Book

The power of transformation is within you…

The stories you have inside you are truly unique… and the world is ready for you to share them!

No one else has written, or will ever write, the book that’s within YOU. Your life stories and wisdom are as individual as your fingerprint and informed by the lived experiences and life lessons only you have.

AND your message can impact lives… maybe even shift the world!

Join us to discover exactly how to tap into the power and authenticity of your life stories and share your unique message with the world – by

Sign up to discover exactly how to tap into the power and authenticity of your life stories and share your unique message with the world – by writing your book and becoming a published author!

With The Transformational Author series, you’ll hear from international bestselling authors, industry leaders and marketing experts sharing the keys to successfully writing, publishing and promoting YOUR book.

Are you ready?

So Many Questions… And We Have Answers!

Writing a book – let alone publishing and promoting it – is no simple task.

Every book, like every author, also has a particular journey – from conception to writing to editing to revising to publishing to promotion. And there are so many questions along the way!

Maybe you’re wondering just where to begin? Or maybe you have a collection of writings but need help editing and organizing? Or maybe you’ve made it all the way to a manuscript but haven’t a clue about how to take the next step… or what the next step might be!

Do you self-publish, seek an agent or just publish an ebook? And how do you get publishers and agents to notice your work among the thousands of manuscripts and book proposals that flood their offices?

Then comes the marketing – which can be daunting even for seasoned authors!

How do you differentiate your book from others in the field? What about podcasts and social media? There are SO many ways to get your book into the hands of those who can benefit!

If merely reading this feels overwhelming, you’ve come to the right place. Our editors, agents, publishing and marketing experts will offer you the best practices for finding the publishing path that’s right for you.

Meet the Experts

Each of us needs a mentor, a coach, a guide… we need someone who’s been down the road before us and can share their wisdom and hard-earned expertise with us. (One day you could be that person for someone else, but right now you need your own team!) It’s even more helpful if they’re experts in the field…

With The Transformational Author series,you’ll not only hear from published transformational authors, but you’ll have access to industry leaders from every corner of the book publishing world – including agents, publishers and marketers. Veterans sharing insider tips, common mistakes to avoid and insights to help support your book’s journey of transformation (and your own!).

You’ll be blown away by the wisdom and practices highlighted by our speakers and their devotion to seeing you succeed – because they’ve seen firsthand the personal and planetary transformation that’s possible when a book like the one that’s inside you is available to the world!

Here’s some of what our brilliant speakers
are sharing with you…
Lisa Nichols Lisa Nichols empowers YOU to make a difference with your message – and shows you exactly how to do it!
Christine Kloser Master the 4 levels of transformation with Christine Kloser.
Mark Matousek Creative Demons holding you back? Overcome creative blocks and write through your fear with Mark Matousek.
Jan Phillips Jan Phillips boldly explores the exciting frontier of Spiritual Intelligence and our evolutionary creativity.
Ryan Eliason Ryan Eliason shows how YOU can change the world… without going broke!
Linda Sivertsen Create a HOT book proposal and get your transformational book noticed with Linda Sivertsen.
Marc Allen Marc Allen gives an inside look into the publishing process – and how YOU can secure the book deal of your dreams.
Wendy Keller Top Literary Agent, Wendy Keller, reveals her secrets for building your author platform.